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Earn more than $1000 by referring a IT Projects to Eptins! All you need is a unique link generated by Eptins, you’re ready to start generating referrals and some extra income full time or part time.

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refer and earn

How to refer someone to

  • Sign up for refer and earn, if you’re not already enrolled.
  • Log In your account, select Refer Eptins.
  • Copy the unique referral link provided.
  • Share with anyone via email, messenger or social media!
  • Once the referred person gives a project, you get 15% of the project/product cost.
Why Choose Eptins
Why Choose Eptins
refer and earn

How do I track my referrals
and my earnings?

Tracking your referrals is easy within your Eptins Refer & Earn account.

  • Navigate to the Refer Eptins page at the top right.
  • Select the “latest referrals” tab at the top of the page.
  • You’ll see your full list of referrals, as well as the individual and combined amount earned.
  • This is automatically updated as projects are completed and payments are processed.

Feature of Eptins Refer & Earn Program

Quick View of Our Expectations, Benefits and Who Can Join

Our Expectations From Clients

  • Genuinly Interested
  • Clear Requirement
  • Good Payment History
  • Ehtical Behavior
  • Timely Feedback

Your Benefits

  • Big Incentives
  • Anytime Withdrawal
  • Long lasting business relationships
  • Track the referrals
  • No limitation at referring

Who can join us?

  • Freelancers
  • IT consultants
  • Management profiles
  • Website Designers and Developers
  • Business Analysts

Here's an example email to send to your connections!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up for the Eptins Refer and Earn program. You can refer your friends by entering their email addresses one at a time or by sharing your referral links via social media.
  • You’ll be paid via NEFT, IMPS, Paytm, Tez and PayPal.
  • Your balance will be listed on the referral page of your Refer & Earn Account.
  • You can request payment once your balance reaches $100.
Yes, if they gives the new project from your refer link and confirm its you who referred.
  • There is no limit on the number of people you can refer to Eptins.
  • You can earn 15% of each referral once the referred customer pays to Eptins.
  • By following your referral link, the referred customer is assigned a cookie that tells us you referred them when they sign up.
  • The referred customer must fill quote form using the same browser they followed the link on, where the cookie still exists.
  • Once the customer fill quote form, your attribution is locked in and any future payments they make will be credited to you.
No, you can either enter their email addresses or they can visit Eptins through your referral link and fill the lead form. You will be eligible to receive referral comission for project they hire Eptins.
No, whatever service they take whatever product they purchase you will get flat 15% of the project or product cost.