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Bulk SMS Marketing

What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

A lead is a prospective person who has showed interest in your company’s product or service in some way. Which means, instead of giving a cold call to a random person you can directly approach to the person who already opened communication with you. For example, perhaps he took an online survey to learn more about “how to take care of your washing machine”. If he get an email from the relevant company that hosted the survey on their website about how they could help, it’d be far less invasive and unrelated than if they’d just called you with no information of whether you even care about washing machine maintenance … right?

And from a business point of view, the information that company collected about the prospect from the survey responses would help them personalize that opening communication to meet the existing needs of the potential client. Lead generation is finding unique ways to attract prospective clients to a business. It is a process to provide them with enough information to get them naturally interested in your business so they eventually warm up to your brand enough to want to hear from you.

Bulk SMS Plan


Package Quantity Price/SMS Total
Mini 10,000 20p Rs. 2,000
Bronze 25,000 18p Rs. 4,500
Silver 50,000 16p Rs. 8,000
Gold 1,00,000 14p Rs. 14,000
Diamond 5,00,000 10p Rs. 50,000
Platinum 10,00,000 8p Rs. 80,000
Tritium >10,00,000 5p

Time: 9:00am - 9:00pm

Used For:Promotion, Marketing, Branding etc.


Package Quantity Price/SMS Total
Mini 10,000 22p Rs. 2,200
Bronze 25,000 20p Rs. 5,000
Silver 50,000 18p Rs. 9,000
Gold 1,00,000 16p Rs. 16,000
Diamond 5,00,000 12p Rs. 56,000
Platinum 10,00,000 10p Rs. 1,00,000
Tritium >10,00,000 7p

Time: Any Time

Used For:OTP, Banking, App Notifications etc.

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